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Relative Pronouns

Combine the following sentences using relative pronouns.

1. Al Gore gave a long and boring speech. He won the Nobel Prize.

2. Starbucks wants to open new stores in China. It does business all over the world.

3. Social network sites will definitely change business. They are very popular.

4. Scientists are working with stem cells. Stem cells will revolutionize medicine.

5. Last week, Jim Taylor interviewed Sally Thomson. She is my neighbour.

6. Mr Brown has been invited to join our club. He enjoys going to the theatre.

7. Whiting House is an important local monument. It was built in 1856.

8. Bono signed autographs at Tower Records yesterday. He’s a famous musician.

9. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. He was president of the USA.

10. The Queen will open a new hospital.  It is in Jarvis Street.